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What are live casino games?

Live games use a real dealer, using real cards, machines and tables in a casino / TV studio. The difference between this and an actual land-based casino is that all the players are making their bets online.

Live casino games are now all the rage at the moment. They are offered by numerous online casino sites now to heighten your experience of gambling.

They involve you playing at casino tables, with real life croupiers and dealers, whereby you play the game through a ‘live’ video feed, in real time.

This page on the details everything you need to know about these games, such as live poker, live roulette and live blackjack. You can also check out our select online casinos via this page and get started in just a few minutes.

Also, instead of a computer generated algorithm creating the outcome for the game you are playing, the outcome is determined by real life situations. Players can watch via a real-time video link to the live casino room.

Similarly to traditional online casino games, the results are also displayed digitally, and you make bets via your mouse or touchscreen.

Live online casino software

Some of the big-name live casino software providers include Microgaming, Net Entertainment, snd Playtech.

Most of these providers have already built up their reputation in the virtual casino market over many years and moved to include live platforms in addition to their existing services.

If you miss a hand for whatever reason, the software will kick in, running in conjunction with the live setting. Similarly, the advanced software is able to automatically deduct or increase your balance accordingly as you play.

In a way, live casino games are a hybrid of traditional real life casinos and regular online casinos, using both real people and equipment as well as technology for an all-round experience.

What type of table games can be played at a live casino?

As well as software development, the website has to outsource production to a certified live casino room provider. Factor in camera equipment, working casino equipment, a professional dealer, rental costs for the space… and you have much smaller margins for the casino.

It is this reason why most of the live dealer casinos stick to poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Normally games such as slots, bingo and arcade-style games are software-only, due to the higher running costs.

What is different to virtual casino games? Are there any advantages?

The key difference between live and virtual casino games is that outcomes of each round/hand are determined by actions performed in real life, and not by a computer-generated algorithm.

As a result, some sceptical players prefer live casino games.

In games that require skill over chance, some players also prefer live casinos. This more immersive setting can help improve the gaming experience and also give professional players an upper hand.

This is particularly true for live poker, which relies on real-time decisions and interaction across the table.

It is worth noting that these companies only deal with the tech side of things; the actual casino room, dealer, camera equipment and other aspects of the experience are normally outsourced to other licensed companies.

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